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From the CEO

From the CEO

Nobel Biocare spends 10% of its sales revenue on Research and Development (R&D). That percentage is higher than anyone else’s in the industry. Continue»


For the benefit of the patient

For the benefit of the patient

Professor Alessandro Pozzi reports from his state-of-the-art private practice in Rome, where he has accumulated several years of experience using NobelReplace Conical Connection implants. Continue»


Case Studies

Tried and True

In this case of moderate bone resorption, a patient who was dissatisfied with her dentures received an entirely new, bone-anchored, third dentition. Continue»

Myths and Realities

Shame, Guilt and Toothlessness

The mouth, teeth and toothlessness collectively comprise an emotionally charged subject to say the least. Continue»


From Every Corner of the Earth

They came to the Waldorf Astoria from as far away as Asia, Africa and Australia—not to mention Europe and the Americas. Continue»

Question & Answers

Solutions for the Out of the Ordinary

As with any other profession, the practice of dentistry occasionally presents unusual challenges that call for professional counsel and collaboration. Continue»

Recent Findings

Recent study with All-on-4® treatment concept

A recently published retrospective study evaluated the All-on-4® treatment concept in 152 patients with Brånemark System MkIII and MkIV implants placed from May 2005 until December 2011. CSR was 96.3% and 97.8% at one and at five years in the maxilla (300 implants) and the mandible (500 implants), respectively. 

Sub-analyses by tilted vs. axial placement and by gender showed no difference or no significant difference. Implant failures were higher in smokers than non-smokers (6.1% vs. 2.1%); however, likely due to low failure rates overall, statistical significance was not reported.  The authors discussed the improvements in CSR witnessed in the published literature over time with the All-on-4® treatment concept and attributed these successes to the introduction of TiUnite surface implants.


More to explore:

Research & Development

Biological Consequences of Micromotion and Interfacial Strain

The following is the conclusion of a research update that began in the most recent issue of Nobel Biocare News. Continue»

Safety & Efficacy

OsseoCare™ Pro at Work

Dr. Roland Glauser was one of the first dentists in the world to put the OsseoCare Pro through its paces. Continue»

Tips & Techniques

Rules of Engagement

Implants are not teeth. Techniques and materials routinely used on the natural dentition are not always suitable for implant restoration. Continue»

Training & Education

Start placing implants with the renown gIDE faculty

Do you want to start performing implant procedures? Using minimally-invasive techniques? In a cost-effective way? Continue»